April 2018  Issue No. 29

HCCN/SCA Announces New Certification
HCCN/SCA has announced a new distinction from the Spiritual Care Association: Advanced Practice Board Certified Chaplain (APBCC). Our certification process and the inclusion of our evidence-based educational training, our patient exam, and knowledge-based test have prepared a mass of chaplains who exhibit significant additional knowledge and skill. This new designation of APBCC now denotes the accomplishment and the distinction these chaplains have demonstrated.
Go to the SCA Certification website for more information on credentialing and certification as a chaplain.
SCA President Promotes Increased Awareness of Importance
of Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care Association (SCA) President and CEO Rev. Eric J. Hall visited Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, to advocate increased awareness of the importance of spiritual care and to promote legislative and regulatory initiatives to expand access to quality spiritual care. 

Palliative Care

Global Advocacy White Paper Emerges from Vatican Conference

The Academia Pro Vita (APV, trans. Academy for Life) at the Vatican held a conference in Rome at the end of February to showcase the work of the PAL-LIFE Project, comprising a group of global experts convened by the APV to develop palliative care strategies for health systems in countries of all income levels and faiths. The first product of this multi-year effort is a draft 'White Paper for Global Palliative Care Advocacy' addressed to stakeholders from a broad spectrum of global and multilateral institutions and professions. (IAHPC)

The webcast provides an excellent opportunity to engage your entire staff or multiple members of an organization who might not otherwise be able to attend or conference in-person. Registering for webcast facilitates the sharing and dissemination of knowledge while minimizing cost and travel time.


The Health Benefits of Religion 

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that faith and spiritually can enhance your health, and perhaps even extend your life. (Daily Herald)

Health Report

Getting Up Early May Be Better For Your Health

Morning people may live longer than night owls, a new study suggests. (The New York Times)

Good Reads

Offline: "A Sea of Suffering"

Suffering -- including spiritual suffering -- is moving from the fringes of the global health care value equation to the center along with cure of disease. (The Lancet)

Sister Jean Guides Ramblers On and Off the Court

More about the woman who became a media sensation during the NCAA Final Four. (Loyola University Chicago)

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