Full-Time Spiritual Care Coordinator/ Staff Chaplain at St. Mary's Hospital for Children

Position Description

HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM


JOB TITLE: Full-Time Spiritual Care Coordinator/ Staff Chaplain at St. Mary's Hospital for Children

Description: As an employee of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, the Coordinator of Spiritual Care Services/Staff Chaplain (Chaplain) is responsible for managing the Chaplaincy Services Department at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside, Queens. Chaplain oversees and ensures the provision of Chaplaincy Services to residents, their loved ones, and staff according to all current standards and manages the daily operations of the Chapel. The Chaplain assures that the multi-faith spiritual and religious needs of those served are addressed, through provision of direct service, developing and implementing programs and services, and being a liaison with the religious community. Chaplain oversees and ensures provision of education and training as appropriate for the institution and carries out all required Chaplaincy Services Departmental administration. Chaplain supports Hospital's mission to provide the highest quality care by complying with regulatory guidelines, meeting agency standards, and maintaining highest professional standards of practice as part of the institution’s management structure. Chaplain must be certified as a Board Certified Chaplain by and in good standing with a national chaplaincy certifying body or eligible for board-certification. The Chaplain works under the direction of and in collaboration of the Director of Patient Family Services at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children.



I. Ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient program of Chaplaincy Services to patients, their loved ones and staff of all faith traditions

  1. Assist the Director of PFS in identifying, planning, organizing, and implementing spiritual and religious care services and programs which address the diverse multi-faith and multicultural needs of our residents and families
  2. Engage all children and families in a Spiritual Assessment upon admission
  3. Document spiritual care plan and all interventions in the resident’s medical record
  4. Develop partnerships and collaborations with community clergy to provide a resource to meet resident/family needs
  5. Act as a liaison between resident/family, community clergy and interdisciplinary team to enhance resident/family religious support and continuity of relationship
  6. Identify and support resident/families engagement in religious rituals and/or faith community
  7. Coordinate the administration of sacraments or denominational rituals by qualified clergy
  8. Coordinate or preside over weekly Sunday services
  9. Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to ensure coordination of care
  10. Participate in care planning meetings, family meetings and Unit Rounds to represent the spiritual needs and challenges of the residents
  11. Provide on-going spiritual care to meet the individual needs of a resident/family as identified by the plan of care and consistent with the goals of care
  12. Participate in activities (process groups, healing groups, etc.) to support staff in response to challenges of resident care
  13. Be available and on-call in case of emergent resident/family needs
  14. As a member of the Palliative Care team, participate with the members of the team to deliver a holistic plan of care that represents and engages the spiritual needs of the resident/family
  15. Coordinate with the members of the Palliative Care team to provide bedside support to the families and staff at the time leading up to, and after the death of a resident
  16. Assist families in planning and obtaining funeral and burial plans on request
  17. Coordinate with the Palliative Care team to provide bereavement intervention and referral service to families and staff in conjunction with social work


II. Develop and maintain proper strategic planning and administrative procedures for the department in accordance with institutional policy

  1. In consultation with institutional and HCCN administration, develop and regularly review a strategic plan for Chaplaincy Services that is aligned with overall institutional goals and objectives
  2. Assure that chaplaincy care program meet departmental, organizational, professional and regulatory standards
  3. Maintain any and all certifications as required by The Joint Commission
  4. Develop and administer the department’s plan for continuous quality improvement (CQI) aligned with hospital CQI initiatives where possible in partnership with the Director of PFS
  5. Participate in facility-wide and department specific QI projects
  6. Develop and maintain procedures to keep records of chaplaincy care activity to communicate with other members of the department and report to institutional administration and HealthCare Chaplaincy Network
  7. Supervise, train, support and facilitate the work of those delivering Chaplaincy Services including chaplain interns/CPE students, chaplaincy volunteers and community clergy, ensuring accountability and a coordinated integrated service
  8. Assist the Director of PFS in anticipating and administering budgetary needs
  9. Working collaboratively with patients/families/staff in planning, program development, evaluation, education, and research
  10. Manage the daily operations and care of the Chaplaincy Services offices and chapel
  11. Develop and maintain list of on-call clergy to ensure 24-hour access for religious rites
  12. Participate in activities of the Division of Patient and Family Services as assigned
  13. Maintain oversight and storage of records and all religious objects


III. Actively support full integration of Chaplaincy Services in the institution

  1. Provide orientation to Chaplaincy Services to employees and other departments as needed
  2. Provide spiritual care education to hospital community including educational in-service programming to St. Mary’s staff on spiritual care, diverse religious rituals and psycho-social-spiritual issues
  3. As requested, represents St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in meetings, relevant community activities and spiritual care professional organizations
  4. Provide liaison to other departments such as social work, volunteers, ethics, etc
  5. Participates as member of Hospital Ethics Committee
  6. Serve on various institutional committees as appointed
  7. Actively seek involvement in institutional initiatives where Chaplaincy Services skills can contribute including cultural competence initiatives, marketing to new customer populations, employee satisfaction programs, and customer service training
  8. Promote an interdisciplinary approach to Chaplaincy Services
  9. Participation on Palliative Care rounds/committee as desired
  10. Provide Chaplaincy support to staff
  11. Provide ethics, crisis and grief support


IV. Manage an accredited Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Placement Site in partnership with CPE.org

  1. Respect and protect student’s rights to have a quality CPE experience
  2. Maintain compliance as a Clinical Placement Site of CPE.org
  3. Participate in student selection as appropriate
  4. Ensure that students are properly oriented, supported and comply with hospital policy
  5. Assist with integration of students into clinical placements and the hospital community
  6. Responsible for student mentoring and on-site needs
  7. Support students CPE training and assignments
  8. Complete the required administrative tasks including co-signing monthly and end of unit time-sheet
  9. Work collaboratively with the CPE Supervisor


V. Participate in and contribute to the professional Chaplaincy Services community

  1. Maintain certification and good standing in a professional Chaplaincy certifying association
  2. Collaborate with HCCN and Hospital on research and writing initiatives
  3. Engage in ongoing continuing education to foster best practices


VI. Participate in programs and administrative activities of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network

  1. Participate in monthly staff meetings at HCCN headquarters
  2. Participate in monthly planning meetings for department directors
  3. Participate in monthly supervision
  4. Participate in regular professional development activities
  5. Ensure the provision of HCCN resources are well integrated into your institutional setting



  1. Must be certified, or eligible, as a Board Certified Chaplain by and in good standing with a national chaplaincy certifying body, such as the Spiritual Care Association, Association of Professional Chaplains, the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, the National Association of Jewish Chaplains
    1. This certification requires a college degree, a master’s level degree in a field related to health care chaplaincy or equivalent, minimum two units of clinical pastoral education, and a rigorous professional assessment and/or peer review process.
  2. Minimum of two years health care experience with preference for experience in Palliative Care and or Pediatric Care
  3. Possess two to four years of progressively responsible experience as an assistant manager or manager of chaplaincy services with a record of successful spiritual care initiatives
  4. Successful candidate will desire to work in a rapid paced organization and possess maturity in stressful situations



  1. Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to and communicate with primarily the pediatric population, palliative care and to some extent the psychiatric population
  2. Able to support the concept of patient family-centered care
  3. Able to assess data reflecting the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to their age-specific needs
  4. Able to work as a member of a team
  5. Demonstrates interpersonal understanding, cooperation, and utilizes effective communication skills
  6. Demonstrates organizational awareness and commitment
  7. Exhibits adaptability, flexibility, self-control and maturity in work and behavior
  8. Exhibits critical thinking abilities and applies them for continuous improvement of services and the hospital
  9. Maintains continuing education and personal/professional development
  10. Must be willing to become competent in Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy
  11. Observes attendance and attire policies
  12. Observes confidentiality policy at all times
  13. Computer literacy and a skill level in Microsoft Office Suite of intermediate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint



  1. Some direct contact with patients with communicable diseases using accepted universal precautions
  2. Substantial time spent with students, staff, patients and their loved ones requiring a high degree of emotional energy and mental alertness
  3. Must have mobility through the health institution’s facilities which are handicapped accessible

The above information is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by employees in this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of employees assigned to this job.


Cover letter and resume should be sent to Edward Haran <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.