HealthCare Chaplaincy Network offers a large selection of Professional Continuing Education (PCE) and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programming and resources for its chaplain constituency and the broad spectrum of spiritual care and healthcare providers.

Professional Continuing Education is ongoing professional development for chaplains and other spiritual care providers to help advance knowledge, skills and research at the intersection of spiritual care and healthcare. PCE is offered throughout the year, both online and off, and entails online certificate courses, events and training workshops, professional and scholarly publications, and a soon to be membership network, among other things. Students can qualify for CE hours. Much of our educational resources can be accessed online for free or purchased for a nominal fee through our Online Store; such as downloadable publications, videos of past events, registration access for events and courses, and spiritual tools, cards and related merchandise.

Clinical Pastoral Education is a form of chaplain practica or internships whereby student chaplains are taught to observe, listen, communicate and more effectively respond and attend to patient spiritual needs. CPE is required to become a Board Certified Chaplain. It is also invaluable training for working with people coping with life-changing health and other issues. CPE is provided by HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (HCCN), through its educational partner, the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (ICPT). HCCN has been providing CPE over 40 years and has educated thousands of CPE students. ICPT offers the only CPE evidence-based curriculum and objective testing.

Palliative Care Online Courses

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Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Become a chaplain and help people facing illness and suffering find spiritual comfort and meaning

Chaplaincy Management Training

Chaplaincy Management Training

Learn more about SCA's management training program for current or aspiring chaplaincy department directors


Caring for the Human Spirit Magazine

Caring for the Human Spirit® Magazine

The unique magazine dedicated to advancing the integration of spiritual care in health care


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