Special Offer Program

Cost-Efficiently Supplement the Spiritual Care That Your Hospital Provides to Patients, Families and Staff

Package of 12 Resources that include:

  • Support for patients, families and staff
  • Consultation and participation in award program
  • Continuing education for chaplaincy staff and volunteers

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For Patients, Families and Staff

Telechaplaincy Services

Supplement the coverage that your chaplaincy staff provides: through Telechaplaincy Services, patients, families and staff can connect with one of our professional board-certified health care chaplains for support and counseling via phone, email or video call. Access includes service for up to 500 patient encounters per year. (Retail value of $4,700 per year)

Prayer Cards

Digital version with information on spiritual distress, healing prayer and guidance on how to access telechaplaincy services. (Retail value of $35)


Consultation and Participation

Excellence in Spiritual Care Award

The Excellence in Spiritual Care Award signifies that an organization is committed to optimally addressing the spiritual and religious needs of patients and their families. This process involves undergoing a self-assessment and evaluation where an organization seeks to meet HCCN’s Standards of Excellence. As part of the evaluation, HCCN specialists identify areas in need of improvement, provide consultation to achieve goals and to assist in more fully integrating chaplaincy services into overall health care delivery. The award, if received, highlights and celebrates the high quality services provided by the chaplaincy staff. (Retail value of $3,500 per site)


Continuing Education

Volunteer Training Manual

Digital version of a comprehensive chaplaincy volunteer training manual created for use in any health care setting. A range of teaching tools, such as practice examples, role playing exercises and reflective pieces, are incorporated into the manual to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated. (Retail value of $35).

Educational Videos

Videos can be used for staff training or to introduce patients to spiritual care services. Each is approximately 4 minutes in length on these topics:

  • Facing Loss and Grief
  • Living with Illness
  • Rituals at End of Life
  • Self Care for the Caregiver
  • A Chaplain Is...
  • What Is Spirituality?
  • Words That Matter Most
    (Retail value of $1,000)

Spiritual Care Grand Round Webinars

Regularly scheduled webinars from experts with learning objectives that can be applied to professional practice. Participants receive 1.5 hours of continuing education per each grand rounds session. A computer with Internet access and speakers or headphones is required for the webcast; phone lines provide audio access only. Webcasts are priced per computer terminal, not per participant. You may invite as many colleagues to join you as can fit into your conference space or cluster around your computer. Participate in 10 webinars within a 12-month period. (Retail value of $400)

Caring for the Human Spirit Magazine®

The twice-yearly magazine dedicated to advancing the integration of spiritual care in health care, the magazine features articles on spiritual care for an interdisciplinary audience. (Complimentary subscriptions for up to 10 individuals)


The preeminent online professional journal for chaplains and other spiritual care providers. Publishes monthly. Includes one institutional membership. (Retail value of individual subscription rate of $40/per year)

The Chaplain Conenction®

The Chaplain Connection is a comprehensive, online resource center to inform, support and enhance chaplaincy practice. Through this site, chaplains can access education resources, such as online interviews, manuals and documents, join a community of peers, and, gain access to resources and programs ideas. Membership is $9/month. Enroll up to 10 chaplains. (Retail value of $1,080 per year)

Meditative Spiritual Techniques

Digital version of spiritual techniques a chaplain can employ in working with patients with chronic and serious illness and their caregivers – meditative prayer, scriptural focused prayer, relaxation response and healing rituals. (Retail value of $10)

An Invitation to Chaplaincy Research: Entering the Process

This digital handbook explores how the chaplaincy profession, through research, may establish vital links between chaplain caring practices with the growing expectations that health care providers demonstrate the value of their practices. It offers both invitation and challenge to the profession to contribute to the growth, effectiveness and longevity of chaplaincy by increasing its research literacy and by supporting or participating in research opportunities. (Complimentary)

Handbook of Patient’s Spiritual and Cultural Values for Health Care Professionals

As health care professionals, we encounter patients of different faith and cultural backgrounds. This digital handbook is intended as an easy-to-use guide to describe beliefs and practices generally found within a particular cultural or religious group. (Complimentary)

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